Kevin Herm Connolly
11. January 2022 By Walter Price 0

KEVIN HERM CONNOLLY It’s OK (‘Cos We’re in Love)

Kevin Herm Connolly – It’s OK (‘Cos We’re in Love) is on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

by Walter Price

Someplace between the 1960’s garage and post-punk punk rock comes the recent single, “It’s OK (‘Cos We’re in Love)”, from Galway rocknroller Kevin Herm Connolly. A high-energy, brash alt-rock track that has plenty of trippy metaphors and tongue-in-cheek to spare.

I seen you climbing down the factory wall
I’m never never never gonna break your fall

You cut my face with the nib of a pen
And you and me know you’re gonna do it again

The world is big I feel so small
(It’s okay cos we’re in love)
I’m never never never gonna take the fall
(It’s okay cos we’re in love)

I hear the sirens calling from far away
(It’s okay cos we’re in love)
You look me in the mirror and I hear you say:
(It’s okay cos we’re in love)

But as cerebral and raucous as the single is, it’s the music video that may be the bee’s knees, as it were. A DIY ‘lockdown’ work of art that’s certainly a step above the usual pandemic visuals we’ve grown accustomed to in recent times.

With its lack of Zoom videos and solo bedroom performances vibes, this one utilizes a green screen (borrowed from a neighbor), an ungodly amount of editing, spirited fan/family footage, and a ton of good ole artistic tinkering and ingenuity. And coming in at a near 4 minutes, there’s plenty to miss with just one viewing. So do yourself a favor and hit replay a few times and catch all the cute faces, happy dances, and folks simply “acting out” while contributing to what KHC is laying down.

Conveniently, you can stream “It’s OK (‘Cos We’re in Love)” and see its music video, here at the GTC.

KEVIN HERM CONNOLLY It’s OK (‘Cos We’re in Love)

Artist photo by Fotographie by Conor Brennan

Kevin Herm Connolly – vocals, guitars, keys
Aengus Ó Mongáin – drums
Arunas Lukasevicius – bass guitar
Keith Hennigan – percussion, backing vocals
Shane McMahon – percussion, backing vocals

Recorded by Les Keye at Arad Studios, Dublin
Drums recorded by Karl Odlum in Sun Studios, Dublin
Mixed by Stephen Shannon
Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering

Kevin Herm Connolly

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During the various lockdowns, like everyone else, I found myself stuck at home, looking for some way to fill the time and flex my creative muscles. Armed with my neighbour’s green screen, I filmed myself “acting out” with various props and in various parts of my house. I also put the call out on social media to get other locked-down folk to do likewise and to send me their own footage. They didn’t disappoint…” – KHC

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