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10. January 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY! ELLIOT LEE (feat. GIRLI) Pink (Freak), the REMIX

Elliot Lee (feat. GIRLI) Pink (Freak) is available on Spotify, Tidal, Photo Finish Records.

Elliot Lee

by Walter Price

I’m sure you remember that short window of time when grunge was losing a bit of its luster and a new sound that blended goth, metal, and industrial emerged, at times shocking the straight-laced along the way. That was some time ago and the prevalent sound rocking all your favorite platforms these days is ‘bedroom pop’, which is exciting on its own, but it doesn’t really scare anyone.

But, to some extent, individuality does cause panic. And if you took that post-grunge sound chopped and blended it up with the before-mentioned bedroom pop in a song all about you being you at all costs, well you’d get the bombastic single/remix from Brooklyn-based song crafter Elliot Lee (feat. GIRLI).

The internet is all the buzz right now with this single’s straightforward narrative. An empowering anthem that is full of pride and self-worth. That pounding beat, Lee’s soft around the edges vocals, and GIRLI’s raw power is a killer concoction that sounds so much better the louder it gets.

When the sonic worlds of Elliot Lee and GIRLI collide, well… Pink (Freak)! And you can stream the brand new collaboration as well as the original 2020 release, now at the GTC!!

ELLIOT LEE (feat. GIRLI) Pink (Freak)

Elliot Lee photo via Facebook // GIRLI photo via Facebook

Artwork courtesy of Mora May Agency

elliot lee

elliot lee // girli

“Elliot is one of my favourite artists & when they asked me to write a verse for the remix of Pink Freak i was like DUH 💘 this song is 4 all the misunderstood freaks who have to battle their demons as well as shitty ppl telling them they don’t fit in every day 🖤 me & Elliot are your parents now…” – GIRLI (Facebook)

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