Fast Eddy Take a Look
7. January 2022 By Walter Price 1


Fast Eddy Take a Look is available at Spaghetty Town Records.

Fast Eddy Take a Look

by Walter Price

Back in 1984 prog rocker turned pop sensation Phil Collins released his saccharin sweet ode to perseverance, “Against All Odds“. And oddly, it has more connective tissue to the brand new anti-bullying single/video, “Take a Look”, from Denver Rock n’ Rollers Fast Eddy than one would think.

In a quote sent to the GTC, Fast Eddy frontman Micah Morris provides some backstory, “I think it speaks for itself. Feeling like we’ll never amount to something of value enough to be worth the world, or to a genuine lover. I think it’s what has always drawn us to rock n roll. We were always waiting for the validation that we were worth it when we really were all along. With hard work, and faith in our eccentricities, we made our mark, sorry you ever doubted us. Take a look at us now.”

Yeah, kinda like that song from Phil Collins. Except, with a whole lot more sticky Rock n’ Roll energy. While I revel in the fun of linking Fast Eddy and Phil Collins, the music video for “Take a Look”, may remind you of the storyline from Karate Kid/Cobra Kai or maybe just about any of the high octane redemption montages once popular in those memorable coming of age films from days of yore.

Directed by the band’s own frontman, giving credit to the USA Shaolin Kung Fu Academy of Denver and featuring Weiyao Xu, Nicole Campos, Koa Jari Proper, and Levi Reveles, the music video follows a loner who is subjected to all the wrong kinds of attention from the school bullies. Then, through how-to-kick-ass books and late nigh Kung Fu films, he finds his inner strength and then the inevitable streetfight. Will he be victorious? Watch the video and find out for yourself. HI-YAAAA!

“Take a Look” is from a new Fast Eddy Album prepped to drop any day now. Check the band’s socials for more details.

And, HEY! Don’t be a bully

FAST EDDY Take a Look

Band photo by David Sands

Directed by Micah Morris
Edited/produced by Jarrett Barns
Additional footage by Christine Makowski
Band performance scenes shot at Hi-Dive Denver
Weiyao Xu
Nicole Campos
Koa Jari Proper
Levi Reveles

Micah Morris
Devon Francy
Arj Narayan
Lisandro Gutierrez

Fast Eddy Take a Look

facebook // instagram // website

Their debut Spaghetty Town Records LP “Take A Look”. Produced by Tuk Smith (Biters, Heart Attacks, Tuk Smith and the Restless Hearts). After countless shows, van breakdowns, and covid, it’s finally here! (Spaghetty Town Records pre-order)

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