Sami Ridge
6. January 2022 By Walter Price 0

…slipping into minds, SAMI RIDGE Kali

Sami Ridge – Kali is available on Bandcamp, Spotify.

Sami Ridge

by Walter Price

Primal, emotional, and soul-twisting are the energies that fuel the questful new single, “Kali”, from Seatle grunge poet Sami Ridge. Her second release to date, this one offers up a slice of the dark arts and the imagery it conjures up is beyond powerfully mind-altering. A mystical dreamscape or nightmare…immediately subjective. But one thing is certain, once Ridge’s raw wails and near ritualistic chants pierce your psyche, you’ll not be the same…

Soles on the street
She looked at me
And did I know then just how
She might look at me now

And I
I was slipping into minds
In search of such a feral kind like you


And now I’m heading for the sun
Remembering the ones who burn like you

Kali do your deathless dance
Vali do your fearsome dance
Patti do your vengeance dance

cause I know I had one chance

If you’re a fan of like-a-dagger vocals/lyrics, otherworldly visions and you need to touch the sounds around you, then Sami Ridge’s “Kali” is poised to spiritualize. And you can stream the single as well as Ridge’s previous release, “In a Room”, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via Bandcamp

Vocals & lyrics – Sami Ridge
Produced & Engineered & Guitars & Bass – Conner Hancock
Drums – Nick Kelly

sami ridge


She had a mane
Personal fame
She had a skill
Bundle of thrills

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