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…live your life, BRENDAN KELLY Brother

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Brendan Kelly

by Walter Price

The bold ride-or-die single “Brother” from singer-songwriter Brendan Kelly feels about as soundtrack-ready as they come. Recorded in Nashville and Ireland, this track is a vast throwback to those country rockers that once ruled FM radio. With hints of rockabilly guitar, à la the sounds Marty Stuart and Chris Isaak liked to transform into cinematic tones, anthemic vocals, and moments of gospel guide this song on a long winding journey and the result is pretty damn powerful.

In a quote published in the Longford Leader, Kelly speaks to the importance of a song like “Brother” in these trying times, “Listen, we’ve been through – and we’re still in – the strangest of times, and it’s tough for everyone. So if ever there was a time for people to know that they’re not alone, then it’s now. And that’s the feeling, the sense of reassurance really, that I hope people will get from this song. Sometimes a song can be the one thing that somehow changes a person’s mood, or gives them a lift when everything is just getting on top of them a bit. If ‘Brother’ can be that song for even one person somewhere, then for me as a writer – and for me just as another human being too – that’s a feeling of gratitude that’s really immense.”

If you’ve been touched by the power in having someone’s back and vice-versa and love a good ol, well-written/produced, country-rocker, then give “Brother” some love, at top volume, of course. And you can do so, now at the GTC.

And, come on and take care of one another…


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Artists photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of Longford Leader and Brendan Kelly

Song Written By: Brendan Kelly
Recorded and produced in Nashville and the Vibes Studio Drumshambo by Leo Logan

feat. Chris Condon (Billy Ray Cyrus) & Mark Beckett (Grand Ole Opry)

brendan kelly

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In the face of adversity, some people just flourish by sheer determination! At age six, Brendan was the victim of a road traffic accident and was pronounced clinically dead. He had to be revived in hospital, but was left paralyzed and told he’d never walk again!

Brendan saw this as a challenge and, after many years of surgeries and through his personal strength of character and sheer determination, Brendan proved the Doctors wrong.

Brendan always had a love for music, and at age twelve he could play three chords on his guitar. Then he began writing songs. He soon became ‘The Entertainer’ within his local area. This is Brendan’s first venture into recording his own songs, and described the experience as “euphoric – like reliving my childhood”! – bio

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