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4. January 2022 By Walter Price 0

Un-break your heart once again, J. Nicolás Montana Luv

J. Nicolás Montana Luv is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

wild oak Montana Luv

by Walter Price

Some could say that in light of recent times, there may be no better time for reevaluating, pondering change, and ultimately making some mind and body adjustments for ourselves. And just maybe new landscapes are exactly what you need to make it all gel.

The single, “Montana Luv”, by Portland’s tender voiced singer-songwriter J. Nicolás speaks to such transitions. In a Bandcamp post, the storyteller remembers the origins of this picturesque road song, “Although the song is entitled “Montana Luv” and is about traveling through Montana and Idaho, fundamentally, the song is about transitions. Sometimes the biggest impediment to a transition is simply getting going, and I tried to capture this idea with the line, “the toughest part of leaving is the start.” This has applied both to my own sobriety and also with leaving relationships that weren’t healthy, and I wove this idea about transitions into a reflection about traveling through these incredibly stunning places that inspire me creatively.”

I stopped in Wallace, Idaho for coffee and a rest
Pulled out an old lighter from my vest
Tearing off the cellophane from a packet of cigarettes
I don’t really smoke but one’s alright I guess

Oh, the night
Nothing’s ever easy in the dark
The toughest part of leaving is the start
So Montana love
Go let the road un-break your heart

Don’t let the road
Tear you apart
Just let the road
Un-break your heart once again

With the soft harmonica guiding you in, the pedal steel providing the earnest tone, and, of course, Nicolás’ sentimental memories playing out all add up to the sweetness that new beginnings can be. If you can initiate the first steps towards it all, that is.

“Montana Luv” is taken from the beautiful 10-track ‘Wild Oak‘ LP. You can stream the peaceful easy feeling single as well as see an in-studio performance, here at the GTC.

J. Nicolás Montana Luv

Artist photo, artwork courtesy of Public Display PR. Quotes via Bandcamp.

J. Nicolás – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Ezza Rose – harmony vocals
Peter Burak – pedal steel
Allen Hunter – bass
Sydney Nash – piano/organ
Joe Mengis – drums
Tobias Berblinger – sound recording engineer
Singing Sands – recording studio
J. Nicolás – producer
Amy Dragon – mastering technician

Video Single Crew:
J. Nicolás – vocals / guitar
Brandon Eggleston – sound recording engineer
Jon Meyer – videographer
Justin Phelps – studio owner
The Hallowed Halls – studio

montana luv

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I recorded the album on analog tape, and I wanted it to be a quick, live recording with few overdubs. The entire project was about sincerity and honesty and rawness, and just letting the process be what it was organically without micro-managing the recording or trying to make everything perfect. I wanted an honest, sincere, simple record that sounded like some of the analog records from the early 1970s that I really fancy.” – J. Nicolás

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