Mason Rose Gray Believe
3. January 2022 By Walter Price 0


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Mason Rose Gray Believe

by Walter Price

In the recent past, I’ve made reference to the fascinating if not a bit on the mysterious side, indie-pop songwriter/producer Mason Rose Gray being a chameleon of sorts. Well, she’s gone and proved me right, once again. The “Eternity” singer has dropped a brand new heartwarming single called “Believe” to start the New Year off with not only a bang but a pretty weighty and beautiful message as well.

Again, I’m not all that certain if Gray has a PR team or if she prefers to speak in the third person, but on several social media posts, this dreamy track with a heavy heartbeat is described as, “BELIEVE makes you feel like you’re dreaming on a cloud; the instrumentals mimic a lullaby while putting you in a hypnotic trance, echoing love.” Yes.

The overwhelming pulse throughout the track is a nurturing one. An outpouring of care and sympathy for all. Whích makes a ton of sense since this songmaker is (maybe was, not exactly sure) a nurse in another part of her life. In a Facebook post, dated December 1, 2021, some of this storyteller’s backstory begins to unfold, “Mason Rose Gray grew up in a poverty household enduring trauma and abuse. She was able to overcome it with hard work and perseverance, as she went to college to become a pediatric nurse ultimately wanting to help heal children. She loves bringing light into the dark places including the hospital room; singing and dancing with her patients. Her intent is to spread love and bring hope to the many children living in troubling households.”

It’s evident that there is so much going on with Mason Rose Gray. With a hefty handful of stunning singles and visuals over the past year and with no end in sight, it appears MRG is here to stay. Revealing just a little bit more of what makes her world turn, one track at a time…


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Mason Rose Gray Believe

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Last year was an incredible journey. I started following my dreams and creating music. The love and support you guys have shown me has been immense! I forever appreciate it. It can be challenging as a solo artist when faced with rejection. You have to develop thick skin and a lot of grit, while also maintaining a super soft and vulnerable inside…

…I’m so excited to see what 2022 has in store as I work my ass off, unleash my creative animal and provide you guys with the best music/content/entertainment.

I hope you do the same! – MRG, Facebook Dec. 2, 2022

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