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12. November 2021 By Walter Price 0

NEW SINGLE/VIDEO! MasonRoseGray Eternity

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MasonRoseGray Eternity

by Walter Price

MasonRoseGray, the mysterious pop chameleon, returns with a slowburn track that’ll have fans of Aldous Harding and PiNK! finally having something to agree on. “Eternity” is a haunting piano song that teeters between wanting to make you cry contemplative tears and inducing screams into the abyss of a stormy night. But, the reality is, this song is embedded with deep-rooted symbolism.

Both, sorrowful and hopeful, as the backstory is explained in a lengthy YouTube post, “Eternity was written to encompass the beautiful love between ego and soul, man and God. It’s about a sacred angel overlooking a poor, wounded man. Sent to set him free from his worries, providing him with the comfort and redemption he yearns to have due to the burden of the tortured mind. The soul is a representation of purity, sweeping into rescue and provide the ego forgiveness as they are meant to live eternally together.

“Eternity is intended to move you, pull at your heartstrings, and plug you into a deeper inner emotional state, tuning you into a more spiritual corridor. The slow melodic melody puts you in a peaceful trance, gliding you on a dreamy angelic journey. Eternity represents a safe haven, a metaphor for Heaven. A representation of releasing your worries and burdens that tie you down and opening up your heart, which is the key to genuine connection.” (read more)

And as with this not-to-be pigeonholed artist’s last few releases, there’s an accompanying music video that’ll blow your mind. The film for “Eternity”, directed by Chris Jerome James, is quite the spiritual result. So much imagery in its religious location, the songwriter’s seemingly new appearance(s), the emotional dance and body motion, and the storyteller’s dramatic facial expressions are all wrapped in this somber song’s arrangement and lyrics and it’s certainly something well worth experiencing.

“Eternity”, a journey of self-discovery, isn’t your standard pop song, what else would you expect from MasonRoseGray…

MasonRoseGray Eternity

Photos and artwork via Facebook

Performed by MasonRoseGray

Music video directed by Chris Jerome James

MasonRoseGray Eternity

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Have you ever felt broken down, tired? Insufficient, defeated, and ready to give up? Give Eternity a listen. It’s beautiful, almost dream-like, angelic love song. It grabs you by the hand and takes you on a whimsical adventure. A wonderful journey of self-discovery making you feel cleansed and pure by the time you finish listening.” – Facebook post, November 11, 2021

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