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THE LEMONS – Lemoncita is available on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify.


by Walter Price

With a style as blissful as tickles and Pop Rocks in soda, from Chicago comes a collective producing mini-odes to all things friends, sunshine, good-times, and animals in bubblegum favored garage-pop n’ roll. Seemingly in no rush to make names for themselves, Windy City’s delightful, playful, and oft trippy Lemons keep the songs short and to the sunny side of oh yeah. And their video for ‘Lemoncita’ will brighten your day in the color-splashed retro-video game skeleton UFO journey hand-clapping with happy foods pizza, hotdogs, burgers, and paper bag sleeved cold ones. Just like any respectable where the day takes ya would have it.

Hey Lemons ‘Lemoncita’, glad to meet ya…

[11. November 2014]

THE LEMONS – Lemoncita

Artwork via Bandcamp

Video by Jordan Speer (Beefstrong)

John Lemon, Juicy James, Billy Sour, Kimmy Slice, Chris Twist, Kelly Lamone (we think)

The whole Lemons story. All of the hits, misses, and minor catastrophes all on one slab of wax. 28 songs about feeling like you finally belong somewhere. Five or eight friends who have nothing better to do than eat healthy foods and have healthy conversations and then sing a bunch of gibberish until they fall down laughing, which usually takes less than a minute. They’re all here. Try naming a Lemons song that isn’t. Give up?

Where are the Lemons now? Who are the Lemons now? Are you a Lemon or a Lime? Somewhere deep within the Seventeen Seas, DJ Lorelei is broadcasting 300 Hz of heavenly joy from the SS Scout radio transmitter, sending out the latest missive from the Lemon World.

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