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Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Music’

‘Reptile Brain Music’
Out Last Week Of November

By Alle Royale

“Reptile Brain Music” is the third installment (fourth if we consider “In Concert”, an EP of cover songs) of Imperial State Electric’ Power Pop conquest of our planet. ISE is the (reptile?) brainchild of Nicke Andersson, fonder member of Entombed and The Hellacopters; the band started life when acclaimed punk n’ roll outfit, The Hellacopters, retired for good, leaving Nicke with the freedom of starting a new project that could reflect his ever increasing interest in sixties and seventies melodic rock n’ roll.

If the eponymous debut was mainly a solo affair, with sophomore effort, “Pop War”, Nicke found his ideal sidekick partners in Tobias Egge, Tomas Ericksson, and Dolf de Borst, singer and bassist with New Zealand garage rock mavericks, The Datsuns; their collaboration seem to fully blossom on their brand new single, “Reptile Brain”, in which the bassist takes on the role of lead vocalist for the very first time in the band.

A tasty slice of garage punk, very much in the vein of fellow countrymen The Hives, the new single already debuted on the “Pop War Tour”, proving the enduring state of grace of Imperial State Electric as prolific composers; not much room for melody this time around, but a stomping groovy number, born to make your speakers tremble. We still don’t know if this is the sign of a new artistic direction for the forthcoming album as a whole, or just a slap in the face to wake the fans up, in preparation for a massive dose of “Reptile Brain Music”!


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