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Things You Can Buy 08 October 2013

Cage The Elephant – ‘Melophobia’
Out Today

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“Cage’s debut album and Thank You, Happy Birthday were like the musical form of an 18th birthday. Rebellious, uninhibited, highly-spirited, they were finally reaching the freedom to explore creative and musical depths of their aptitudes. Melophobia is the next logical progression from that. Now a few years older, a few years wiser, and with a broken nose that hasn’t quite healed as a memento of those unruly days, the band have found a certain stability and complacency with the world that is at odds with their earlier raw rock and roll edge. This album is a reflection of a band who are finding their creative strengths, polishing their style, but still pushing the artistic and musical envelope in as many ways as possible.” – Kate Fitzpatrick (musicfeeds.com)
“His age occasionally shows in the raggedness at the edges of his vocal tone. But Rogers always made the huskiness of his voice work for him, and that holds true through most of these 11 new songs. Impressively, he hits high, forceful notes when required, matching longtime duet partner Dolly Parton on the soaring passages of the wistfully sentimental title tune, which would have fit on any of his solo albums from decades past.” – Michael McCall (AP)
“The most famous songs on Silver Bell are “Truth #2” and “Top Of The World,” which were included by The Dixie Chicks on their mega-selling 2002 album Home. Griffin’s versions feature her unique vocal stylings, which often erupt from low, slurred mumbles into piercing notes that soar above everything. On “Truth #2,” she gets help on harmonies from Emmylou Harris, while on the staggeringly great “Top Of The World,” her performance exposes every wound of the regret-wracked souls who populate the song.” – Jim Beviglia (americansongwriter.com)

“We can hardly describe how we feel right now – the months of writing songs, recording them, lengthy discussions over tiny details and it all comes down to this day. We hope you like what we did and that our pride in this latest album is with good reason.” – Golden Kanine

Nice day to skip work and visit the ole record shops!