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The Band Perry Are Pioneers

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The Band Perry are an extremely interesting group indeed. 

The sibling trio will be bringing their cool blend of gypsy-country-rock to Europe this November on their We Are Pioneers Tour. 

Neil, Reid & Kimberly Perry didn’t exactly storm the music scene with their self titled debut back in 2010. In  fact, they went old-school and worked the hell out the album on the road and single by (not really contemporary country) single.

It wasn’t until the dark (supposedly celebratory)  verses of “If I Die Young” started to creep into the ears and minds of the bewildered masses in America and beyond did things start to work out for the now Tennessee group. Mostly, I assume,due to the fact most wanted to know what the song was about. Dead kid, young love and bury me in a river lyrics seemed a little far-out for country radio stations. 

The singles “Postcard From Paris”, “You Lie” & “All Your Life” followed with easier success and so did the Grammy nomination and wins at various music awards. Cementing The Band Perry into the successful side of the music world.

Now they are out in support of their, almost Rick Rubin produced but decided to go with producer Dann Huff (Megadeth / Faith Hill), Pioneer. And it is a multi-layered wall of sound and rich textures. Way more production than their first effort.

“Rick in his current incarnation is such a minimalist-it’s what we love about him,” Kimberly says. “But we also knew that to accommodate all of the goals that we had, the best producer was Dann Huff.” – Kimberly Perry (Billboard)

My mental jury is still out on Pioneer at this point. It is a fine listen for sure and they have decidedly gone more ‘country’ on this release and possibly lost a bit of their edgy coolness in the process. I need more time to take it in I guess. 

I do know that the Band Perry will be hitting Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland & the UK starting 8 November and you will want to check them out! I know we will be at a show or two…

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