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Warm Soda Bring The Power Pop Flavor!

Warm Soda are Cosmic

By Walter Price

Do you like your garage rock to be of the power-pop variety? 

I know, who doesn’t!

Not too long ago I was looking for a song by Imperial State Electric when I got myself all sidetracked when I found music by a band a called Creem Circus. Cool, but when I went to search out more about CC I found myself listening to track after track of this superb outfit called Warm Soda!

Who was this band making the magic music you can dance and rock to? Unbeknownst to me, this band of California coolness have been out doing their righteous thing for a good bit now. Wooing fans and the critics alike. (check out this rollingestone.com article)

Their album Someone For You is beautifully jammed packed with power-pop-rock gems that will make your hips swivel and sway and your body want to jerk and groove uncontrollably in exuberant movements. Movements your grandfolks would consider vulgar

Warm Soda consists of Rob Good, Ian McBrayer, Chase Oren & Matthew Melton and they bring the power-pop flavor! I just wish I would have had this album in the ole iPod sooner!

Better late than never to the party! So I fired off some ‘get to know ya questions’, as I do from time to time, to see what they had to say and/or convey. 

Take a look at what Mr. Chase Oren sent me…

First off, ‘Someone For You’ is a fantastic record & and congrats on all the great press!
Thanks! Very sweet of you, we’re having fun with it. Things seem to be going well.
When I stumbled upon your tracks I thought maybe I had discovered a hidden treasure. But not true at all, you guys have been purveyors of the power-pop garage rock for a bit now. How did Warm Soda come to be?
Bare wires came to an end. This was the beginning. Matthew met Rob Good and the two began recording songs that Matthew had been crafting into what became “Someone for you “. The record was exclusively created in the dark laboratory know as Fuzz City Studios. Ian and I came later filling out the lineup as the rhythm section. Ian on drums and I on the bass guitar.
Watching the video for “Jeanie Loves Pop” (VIDEO), it seems to say a lot about the band. From the posters in the Jeanie’s bedroom to the homage to Rock n’ Roll High School. 
You are spot on about Rock n Roll high school influencing the Jeanie loves pop video. We’re big fans.
Out of all the forms of rock in the world what led you and Warm Soda down the path you’re on?
Pop-music. We’re composing pops songs in the classic tradition. We’re into almost every type of music, but what we want to do with warm soda is tell stories that describe a feeling.. Mostly about love, dissatisfaction, redemption. Slightly dangerous, slightly snotty, ultimately honest.
What can you tell us about the band getting ready to record a new album and then tour over here in Europe?
We are recording non-stop. When we aren’t touring we are recording. It has to be this way or we would go crazy. Especially Matthew ha ha. “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean” as they say.
European tour man oh man… I can’t say enough about how much of a pleasure it is to be on tour in Europe. Everything is new to us over there. Even the long drives are worth staying awake. There is much scenery to respect. It’s fascinating to see the world in a “hello goodbye” fashion, there’s never a dull moment.
What does the world need to know about Warm Soda (that maybe it doesn’t know already)?
We actually stole our band name from some girls in Texas who were going to start a band of that name. 
Right on Chase, very similar to how The GTC got our name!

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