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FIGHTER JETS Not Being Dead Is Pretty Sweet

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by Walter Price

Self-described alternative/electro/synth-pop duo FIGHTER JETS’ 2022 single, “Not Being Dead Is Pretty Sweet”, not only has a Wilde-esque title, but its lyrics have had me mulling over them once again.

“Hi, it’s me the enchanted dweeb/ Barely living just being in 3D/ Drooling over old MTV drama/ Play my Gameboy until my heart stops,” followed by, “I know you want to stay/ But I’m in a different way/ Falling down hasn’t felt so good/ And I’ll never go away…”.

When I first heard this track a while ago, I thought, “Who is this nerdy ghost and why does it want to linger?” Now it’s now and I started to believe that this phantom may not be as ghostly as I initially thought. “Look at them laughing/ Watch me dissipate/Look at them laughing/ I can’t feel nothing at all…”, the last verse laments. So now, I believe (probably) that this track is a song about fading into obscurity. Perhaps I’m wrong on both accounts…the fun of loving music, isn’t it…

“Not Being Dead Is Pretty Sweet” is a grand example of poetry being so well articulated that it causes endless contemplation. Words intertwined with a beautifully discombobulated arrangement, this is a song that keeps reentering my reflection space. And, for any songwriter, bringing ’em back for more is all the magic.

You can stream and weigh “Not Being Dead Is Pretty Sweet”, here at the GTC.

FIGHTER JETS Not Being Dead Is Pretty Sweet

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Written, Engineered, Arranged, Mixed, Produced, Mastered, Performed, Designed, Edited, and Destroyed by Fighter Jets.

Photo by Justine LeValley

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