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I won’t stop until…SINGLE: RAYNES – “Lemon Drop” [Mighty Mike, producer]

Raynes – Lemon Drop is avaiable @ Apple Music.


by Walter Price

For fans of Lumineers, Revivalists, Vampire Weekend and/or Of Monsters and Men, Los Angeles’ folk-pop trio Raynes’ recent single “Lemon Drop” will become a brand new fave. With its crisp arena-ready arrangement, use of rootsy instrumentation and the outfit’s indelible knack for lyric construction, melody and not recognizing genre boundaries, an instant playlist classic is born.

They dress me up and I throw them another smile
Impress the party, but I’m still my mother’s child
All fragile bones, I should never be left alone
If Iā€™m lucky, I can live fast
And leave too soon

I’m telling ’em that I won’t stop
Until it gets even sweeter
Suckin’ on a lemon drop
I’ll taste the shock ’til it melts away
How long before I finally forget the place
That left such a sour taste?
But the sugar rush is alright

Produced by Mighty Mike (Lana Del Rey/Dua Lipa), the track is a cinematic firsthand account of the hallowed highs and lows and the learned do’s and don’ts of chasing those not always so tasty Hollywood dreams.

Check out “Lemon Drop” and a powerful Billie Eilish cover below.

RAYNES + bonus cover

Produced by Mighty Mike
Mastered by Joe LaPorta

Mark John Race // Mat Charley // Joe Berger


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