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12. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

…running out of time VIDEO/SINGLE: SAN CISCO – “Skin” [Freya Esders, director]

San Cisco – Skin is available at Spotify.

San Cisco

by Walter Price

The film for San Cisco’s latest single, “Skin”, is a trip down Nostalgia Lane. Directed by Freya Esders, the colorful scenes representing the distance btw what once was may or may not be who the characters are now or may never be again. Using locations to mark everlasting memories, the video nicely frames the Australian indie-pop veterans’ knack for catchy sing-along lyrics, tasty melodies, and post-punk vibes.

Your skin on my skin is what’s been missing
In my sweet dreams, you’re the one that I’m kissing
Now you’re gone
Are we running out of luck, good God
‘Cause I’m running out of time, tick-tock, and now you’re gone

You can watch the time-keeps-on-slipping-into-the-future music video below and follow the links for upcoming tour dates/events/forthcoming album updates.


Director: Freya Esders
Cinematographer: Edward Goldner
Focus Puller: Nick Forster
Editor: Anna Downie
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Hair and Makeup: Rob Povey
Production Runners: Darcie Richards and Ruby Hart

Special thanks to:
SWOP vintage
David Guest and Jess Evernden and ‘Toast’
Jon Rowatt
Joe at Joes Gatto

Band photo by Pooneh Ghana

Scarlett Stevens
Josh Biondillo
Jordi Davieson

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