Rose-Erin Stokes I Can't Stay
22. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

…drunk on dreams, ROSE-ERIN STOKES I Can’t Stay

Rose-Erin Stokes I Can’t Stay is available on When The Sun Goes Away, Deezer, Apple Music

Rose-Erin Stokes I Can't Stay

by Walter Price

Empowerment can come in a plethora of voices. And one of the most sincere and celestial I’ve heard in recent times is the acclaimed Rose-Erin Stokes’ recent folk-pop single “I Can’t Stay”. The palpable verse is Stokes’ forte and with lines like, “Like when I’m high on you/ When I’m drunk on dreams/ The come down always gets the best of me” and “So take what you have/ Make it into something that/ You can hold onto not something that is holding you back,” you get the sense that this song is the result of experiences.

“I Can’t Stay” is from the masterclass LP, “When The Sun Goes Away”. And speaking to the album/song’s creation, in a quote sent to the GTC, Stokes shares, “The instrumentation of the album evolved quite organically once we got in the room. ‘I Can’t Stay’ was the first song on which we laid down drums and bass. I still remember the excitement of hearing the full band sound, breathing new life into the songs. “I Can’t Stay’ is about letting go of ways of operating that don’t serve you anymore, and about being the most authentic version of yourself rather than who you think others want you to be”.

If time constraints keep you from enjoying the album in full at this moment, check out the earthy reflective empowerment of “I Can’t Stay” and make sure to watch the surreal Eric Robillard and Andrew Sowka-directed music video as well, here at the GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of Auteur Research PR // Artwork via Bandcamp // Quotes courtesy of Rose-Erin Stokes

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Jim Bryson at Fixed Hinge (Stittsville, ON), with additional production by Andrew Sowka.
Mastered by Sage Kim at Lacquer Channel Mastering

Jim Bryson: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, banjo, keys/ synth, programming, vocal harmonies
Andrew Sowka: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal harmonies, programming
Rose-Erin Stokes: vocals, acoustic guitar
Vince Aquilina: percussion
Philippe Charbonneau:bass
Kinley Dowling: strings

Original Artwork: Rebecca Clouâtre
Design: Alana Malcolm

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“The album’s title, (a line taken from the album’s first single ‘The Same Way’) encapsulates themes that emerge throughout the album, such as celestial imagery and a weaving together of moments of light and darkness. Its 11 tracks tell stories of relationships and self-reckoning, capturing nuanced moments in a relatable way that will both break your heart and put it back together again. These tracks merge folk formats and orchestration with elements of country, indie rock, and ambient electronic embellishments, creating a supportive foundation for Stokes’ crystal clear vocals and unique conversational phrasing.” – bio

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