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25. September 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Kat Koan Son of a Bitch

by Walter Price

You could call Kat Koan’s brilliant 2020 concept LP “LUSTPRINZIP” a rock opera. And, perhaps, it is, but more accurately, it’s a psychological study of pleasure and pain and all the emotional tolls in between.

Koan, on the album’s Bandcamp page, provides some in-depth context, “LUSTPRINZIP is my Debut Album, inspired by Freud’s Pleasure/ Pain Principle, which – in a nutshell – looks at the instinctual seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain. The striving for immediate satisfaction of the basic instincts. We need the effect of both – pleasure and pain. Without it, experiences are pretty empty.”

Weighty subject matter to construct an entire album around, but Koan and Co. masterfully achieve an unbelievably poetically picturesque masterclass in cerebral pop. And with attention spans being what they are these days, if you wanna tip your toes into the set, I’d recommend track 5, “Son of a Bitch”.

“Son of a Bitch” feels like a noir underground track of yore with its pulsating beats, Koan’s luscious spoken word (English/German) intertwined within the bewitching if not syncopated arrangement, and verses that’ll surely tingle your hypothalamus.

For the full experience, I suggest listening to “LUSTPRINZIP” from start to finish, but, again, if you need a lil taste first, “Son of a Bitch” is a fine place to get acclimated. You can satisfy your urges and stream the track, here at the GTC.

KAT KOAN Son of a Bitch

Artist photo, artwork, and quotes via Bandcamp

LUSTPRINZIP (full credits)
Kat Koan
Producer & Co-Writer Chevy One & Alex Lavery
Anni MΓΌller (Drums)
Paul Silver (Saxophone)
John (keys)
James (sound design)

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Go on, have a go, don’t hold back
Go on and commence your attack
Meine Angst macht dich geil, macht dich wild
Dein schmutziger Drang wird gestillt
Help yourself, please yourself, feed
You’re hungry, so take what you need
I breathe in your rancid smell
And I wait for you to put me through hell…

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