I Walked All Night Eamonn Down Outsider Music
6. August 2023 By Walter Price 0

NEW! EAMONN DOWD Outsider Music Vol. 1

Eamonn Down Outsider Music Volume 1 is available on Bandcamp

Eamonn Down Outsider Music

by Walter Price

Eamonn Dowd’s new aptly titled LP “Eamonn Down Outsider Music Vol. 1” is a rock-n-roll purest’s dream. With the spirit of outlaw country, the Stones, and Johnny Thunders coursing through its veins, this is a raw and absolutely no frills and real-life lived songs for the ages album that’ll keep ya up at night lost in a self-induced haze of cigarette smoke and whiskey-stained memories.

Perhaps track-1, the weathered barroom storyline of “King of the Dive Bars” could somewhat define the overall vibe throughout this blue-collar troubadour’s seemingly autobiographical album. Yet, Dowd is a seasoned songwriter and composer to the nth degree. So, not to be singular in tone, he throws us a few curve balls as well. Check out “Lost Highway“, the rockabilly hambone slap of “Can’t Remember” or the far-out escapism of “White Horse” to understand the depths in which Dowd is prepared to go to keep us on our mental feet if you will.

If you’re a connoisseur of the beauty in the craftsmanship of a full-length album, wanderer lyricism, and tasty riffs, Eamonn Dowd’s ‘Outsider Music Volume 1’ is an absolute must-listen. You can do just that, here at the GTC.

EAMONN DOWD Outsider Music Vol. 1

Artist photo courtesy of Eamonn Dowd // Quote via Bandcamp

Eamonn Dowd, feat. Thomas Pontén and Rickard Yxelflod

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Lyrically, Dowd’s bleak observations on addiction, long lost dreams, and wasted years cast a dark cloud with little or no respite.” – R.D.

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