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3. August 2023 By Walter Price 0

…hunger for your touch, SAER NYC

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by Walter Price

Anyone who’s navigated the experiences of living in New York City can attest to the city’s tenacity to pull you in considerable mental directions. But at the end of the day, a deep love for The City of Dreams will supersede the inevitable fears that pull on you. If you can find your footing, that is.

And Saer’s vast new single, aptly titled “NYC”, brilliantly captures the balance of love and fear for the most startling and exhilarating city an artist can find themselves in. “At the feet of giants, knocking doors of Gods( Reborn, I’m part of you. And oh, I long for you/ Your liberty tames me, makes the bars that cage me/ I’m free, but craving you. New York, I long for you/ At the feet of giants, knocking doors of Gods/ Reborn, I’m part of you. New York, I long for you…”, SAER confesses in his signature hauntingly powerful vocal style.

If you’re a fan of Clean Bandit or Sam Smith and have tasted the air of the Big Apple for any extended amount of time, then SAER’s “NYC” will fit nicely on your Big Dreams playlist. You can stream the gorgeous new single, here at GTC.


Artist photo and artwork via Bandcamp

Produced and Written by Simon Davies and Paul Griffin
Mixed & Mastered by John Hutchins
Guitars – Richard Russell
Bass – Jamahl Augustine

Video – Paul Griffin

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Spellbound here, down avenues and subways with a hunger for your touch
I feel your embrace as I slip into your hidden depths
To find a way, to stay another day…

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