Broken Baby x Tummyache
17. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

Broken Baby x Tummyache – Ctrl​+​Alt​+​Delete [Alex Dezen, producer]

Broken Baby x Tummyache – Ctrl​+​Alt​+​Delete is available at Bandcamp, Spotify.

by Walter Price

When worlds collide, sometimes they culminate into a crunchy post-punk banger that’ll take ya back to the heyday of thought-provoking indie rock. Born out of friendship forged on an early 2020 pre-pandemic tour, Broken Baby and Tummyache’s Soren Bryce are blazingly triumphant with their new single, “Ctrl​+​Alt​+​Delete”. Now, in this topsy-turvy world, a song with political leanings can be polarizing, and this track will certainly conjure up varying interpretations. Even the creators differ in their opinion on the meaning of the song.

With Broken Baby leaning in on the cancel culture angle, vocalist Amber Bollinger says, “Women and minorities shouldn’t have to use the court of public opinion to get fair treatment in this country.” As the band’s guitarist/producer Alex Dezen adds, “But until that happens, we’ll have to rely on the crude instruments we have at our disposal.”

All bark
no bite
spitting make-believe
I prefer when you’re not around me

All these paper bags I’m filling up with what I lose

Always ready to CTRL ALT DELETE

While Tummyache’s Soren Bryce surmises, “For me, it was about being okay cutting ties with people who just aren’t on the same wavelength anymore.”

However this song’s lyrics hit you, one thing is for certain…this soundtrack-ready single is going to set your earbuds ablaze. With sonic bits of Ween, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Black Bananas, and, again, the conversation-starting lyrics all coupled with the addictive harmonies chorus, this is 3 minutes of dynamite.

Broken Baby x Tummyache

Tummyache photo by Lizzie Steimer / Broken Baby photo by Eric Cacioppo / quotes courtesy pf Poor Man Records

Soren Bryce (Tummyache) – Vocals
Amber Bollinger (Broken Baby) – Vocals
Alex Dezen (Broken Baby) – guitar, vocals
Brian Griffin (Broken Baby) – Drums
Adam Popick (Broken Baby) – Bass

Produced and Mixed by Alex Dezen
Mastered by Whynot Jansveld

Broken Baby x Tummyache

Broken Baby / Tummyache / Poor Man Records

We really hit it off, honestly. Soren has such a great sense of herself as a musician and writer—we knew the end of the tour was not the end of our friendship.” – Amber Bollinger

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