cold blood
18. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

…long lost story, KITTY SOLARIS – Cold Blood

Kitty Solaris – Cold Blood (Sunglasses LP) is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

Cold Blood

by Walter Price

The brooding slow burn of Berlin musician/producer Kitty Solaris’ new single, “Cold Blood”, is a mesmerizing study in shadowy pop. Like The Velvet Underground, Cold Cave, or perhaps NRVS LVRS, this track captivates in its willingness to forego the brash paint-by-numbers crescendo. Instead, this song, like most of the album ‘Sunglasses’ it comes from, lets the lyrics and Solaris’ chanting-esque delivery simmer. It’s akin to the way filmmakers like David Lynch or Lars von Trier let dark subtleties do the work.

Speaking of filmmakers, the accompanying film, I can only assume is the work of Katja Kolesnik, who brilliantly stitched together Kitty Solaris’ last music video, “Easy”, is another vintage clips masterstroke. Images of the ‘progressive’ 20th Century are undeniably captivating.

You can stream the single and watch the film, now at GTC.


Artist photo by Olga Blackbird

Sunglasses album photo by Olga Blackbird
Music video by Katja Kolesnik

Music and lyrics by Kitty Solaris

cold blood

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Kitty Solaris “Sunglasses” (Solaris Empire / Broken Silence), OUT NOW. The sunglasses. Synonymous with anonymity, protection, and the need to remain incognito. With “Sunglasses” now Kitty Solaris´ first purely electronic album is released.” (press)

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