BROKEN BABY Beautiful Voices
23. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…so sick, BROKEN BABY Beautiful Voices

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BROKEN BABY Beautiful Voices

by Walter Price

Remember when Noel Gallagher sang, “Slip inside the eye of your mind/ Don’t you know you might find/ A better place to play?” and your sanity raced with eager Alice in Wonderland bewilderment? But when it hits you, it F-ing hits you! Kinda like Broken Baby’s freshest dagger-like single, “Beautiful Voices”.

Wrapped up in metaphoric wordsmithery and disdain, it may take ya a bit to translate, soak in and get it. Ok, it’s probably not as cryptic as I’m leading you to believe, as the band themselves explain via Facebook the song’s origin story, “We live under the constant and crippling weight of beauty standards these days and sometimes it makes me want to scream! So here’s a song about it…” EUREKA!

There’s no doubt that this new social critique single is BB’s most ambitious genre-blurring track and finds the duo & co. arguably at their most poetic and snarling as well. And while most DIY acts fizzle out after a spell, this band only gets better and continues to best themselves with each and every release. Stream “Beautiful Voices” a few times, here at the GTC, and try to prove me wrong…

BROKEN BABY Beautiful Voices

Band photo and quote via Facebook // Artwork via Bandcamp and Poor Man Records

Written by Amber Bollinger & Alex Dezen
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Dezen

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“Beautiful Voices” is in many ways a new beginning for the duo. The song, as with all of the group’s tracks, is a thrilling ride through the usual terrain of 70s garage prog to 80s glam and 90s pop, but, for possibly the first time, with a true vulnerability and pain that isn’t usually on the trip.” – bio

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