living in a flood
26. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…get through this, EVERYONE is DIRTY Living in a Flood

Everyone is Dirty Living in a Flood is available on Caramels For Grandpa, Deezer, Apple Music

Living in a Flood

by Walter Price

Everyone is Dirty has returned with arguably their most accomplished if not heartbreakingly beautiful and picturesque release to date with their recent dedicated LP, “Caramels For Grandpa”. With tracks like “quitting day“, the eclectic and jaunty “tunnel song“, the psych powderkeg “bees are disappearing“, and the breezy harmonies and fiendish violins of “wax mannequin mode” balancing this brilliant set, the best place to introduce yourself to this ode to Henry Drejer is at the very start, with song one, “living in a flood“.

Poetic and someplace between Beach Boys and post-grunge, this deceivingly sunlit and ethereal track is an art-pop beauty. A brilliant canvas that sets the tone for the winding journey ahead, “Living in a Flood” and the album itself is a collection of memories as well as a high watermark for a band whose career could be described as underappreciated by the masses.

Experience the lead track as well as “Caramels For Grandpa” in full, here at the GTC

EVERYONE is DIRTY Living in a Flood

+ Caramels For Grandpa (Bandcamp)

Original band photo, credits, and bio quite via Bandcamp

Caramels for Grandpa
Sivan Lioncub – lyrics, vocals, violin
Christopher Daddio – guitar, vocals
Tyler English – bass guitar, pedal steel
Jake Kopulsky – drums
Eric Drew Feldman – keys, synth
Jason Slota – Drums on Bad Man Who

Guest Musicians on Hand On Lunch:
Eric Layer, Josh Farrar, Jules Martin,
Sean Eden, Annie Shaw, Cyrus Ghahremani, Ryan Hoguet, Dana Lindstrom, Indiana Hale, Jason Ciremele, Uni The Magic Dog,
Eric Drew Feldman

Produced by Christopher Daddio and Eric Drew Feldman
Recorded by Christopher Daddio
at Donut Time Audio in Oakland, Ca.
Mixed by Gabriel Shepard
Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering.
Album Photography: Ginger Fierstein
Album Art: Ginger Fierstein, Design Des Troy

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Dedicated to our grandfather Henry Drejer
Holocaust survivor.
Black market hustler.
Cruise ship comedian.
Born on March 15, 1923. Died on March 20, 2020

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