Pia Fraus French Exit
27. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…they are gone, PIA FRAUS French Exit

Pia Fraus French Exit is available on Evening Colours, Apple Music, Seksound Records

Pia Fraus French Exit

by Walter Price

the euphoric acceptance of becoming lost in the nooks of the swirling daze of Pia Fraus’ recent dream-pop single “French Exit” as I try to put a finger on its lyrical depths. “without warning, it came/ the air has left the room/ it feels so unfair and cruel/ no/ wave, no goodbye/ no more notes left for you…nothing for us to do…”

Thick on metaphoric imagery and intrigue this lush track certainly activates your senses and that feeling of being invitingly adrift in its haze is pure magic. Whether it’s the weight-of-goodbyes poetry of Joosep Volk (Volk and Rein Fuks, lyrics) or Fuks’ arrangement, or perhaps those ghostly vocals, there’s an indelible air within.

Estonians Pia Fraus are masters of their craft and the wait in between releases makes sense when you get to lay ears on such hauntingly beautiful songs like this one. “French Exit” is from the band’s forthcoming LP, “Evening Colours“, expected on July 28, 2023.

PIA FRAUS French Exit

Band photo by Iris Kivisalu // Artwork by Annabel Wright & Layout by Kaarel Vahtramäe

Lyrics on French Exit by Joosep Volk, modified to the song by Rein Fuks & Joosep Volk

Kristel Eplik – vocal
Eve Komp – vocal, synth
Kärt Ojavee – synth, piano
Rein Fuks – guitar, back vocal, synth, percussion
Reijo Tagapere – bass
Joosep Volk – drums

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and now they are gone
they’re so gone
everything’s done
with you
no feelings, no itch
no last-ditch drama
they were gone
long before

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