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Van Plating How Lonely

by Walter Price

We’re going back a bit, to 2019 and again to 2021…to the sultry Chris Isaak-inspired single “How Lonely” from Florida country-rocker Van Plating. A steamy and intimate track that Plating, via Bandcamp, recounts in-depth its backstory, “This song is a sexy song for sexy people! Chemistry between lovers is such a mysterious thing. It blows where it will, and when it falls on you at first it’s totally wild. Passion clouds your senses. You find yourself operating in a whiplash combo of delirium/fight or flight anxiety (will this person love me back? Do they feel the same way I do?). It’s fascinating the way the alchemy of two lovers changes over time. When writing this song, I was thinking back to when my love and I first met. Nonstop sparks and fireworks. Sexually. Emotionally. Spiritually.”

While the first publishing of this song seems to be in 2019 or thereabout, it eventually found a permanent home on Plating’s phenomenal LP, ‘The Way Down‘ (2021). A set you should drop into your alt-country crate toot sweet. This single also has a beautifully done music video, directed by Bryan Eliijah Smith who also plays on the track. You can see the bedroom clip here.

All-in-all, Van Plating is a significant yet somewhat under-the-radar artist who knows how to paint a scene with song and her classic (for those who know) single “How Lonely” is a great place to get yourself, before she drops her eagerly anticipated new LP; acclimated to her brand of country music. You can stream it here, at the GTC.


Artist photo by Cowtownchad // Quote via Bandcamp

Written/composed by Rachel Van Plating

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All the way gone
You gave me the moon
Hold me If You Want
Only one more round, and I’m down
With you

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