Zoya Zafar Wordz
18. July 2023 By Walter Price 0

…just a shadow, ZOYA ZAFAR Wordz

Zoya Zafar Wordz is available on Bandcamp, Apple, Deezer, SoundCloud

Zoya Zafar Wordz

by Walter Price

What inspires a singer-songwriter to record an emotional track in the dead-of-night? We could all assume something personal had to be said and shared. Like the recent sparse single “Wordz” from Orlando-based storyteller Zoya Zafar.

Zafar poetically sings, “Was I just another, passerby on the street?/ Longing for connection/ I should’ve known would fleet…” What you ultimately translate just these lyrics as, could be an everchanging bottomless task. But all well-written earnest songs find themselves landing differently with all who experience them, after all. Therewithin is the magic of “Wordz”. Picturesque, intimate, and palpable.

You can stream the dreamy “Wordz”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Artwork and lyrics via Bandcamp

Performed and written by Zoya Vocals, guitar, electric piano/synth: Zoya
Drum Programming, synth, bass – Matt Verdier
Production: Matt Verdier, Zoya
Final Mix- Max Helgemo
Mastering – Andrew Goldring

facebook // website // instagram

Was I just a shadow?
Following you in the dark
We made plans you ended
After sipping tea in the park

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