Mondegreen Drive
17. July 2023 By Walter Price 0


Mondegreen Drive is available on Bandcamp

Mondegreen Drive

by Walter Price

Discombobulated beats, post-punk riffs, and vocals reminiscent of early ’90s alt-rock, Mondegreen’s seemingly lost navigating singularity track “Drive” (2021) is an indie aficionado’s wet dream. Raw, with no studio wizardry, and full of depth, this Laura Griffiths-penned track is what indie-film soundtracks should be begging for.

There’s almost no mystery to the song’s purpose, “Not sure why I’m holding on/ Try to recall the bad things you’ve done/ But all I see is you and me/ I will call you out/ If we spend another night/ ‘Cause there’s no fire/ Just another cup of coffee..” Or, is there? None the matter…Freely make this Deep-Cut your own.

Mondegreen is an enigma if you will, with super cool pop songs from an all-female collective that doesn’t seem too keen on over-promotion (allegedly). But, if you have the time to spare, dig into their catalog…its well worth the time spent.

You can stream the deep-cut, “Drive”, here at the GTC.


Group photo by Mike Burns Photography

Written by Laura Griffiths. Made at Anniesmusicplace.

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Waiting on that busy street
With the weight of the world fallen at my feet
Don’t know how I’m supposed to feel
It’s been so long since I’ve been alone
Not sure how it’s supposed to go
So instead I wait and I hope that it’s not real…

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