Lilli Lewis
14. July 2023 By Walter Price 0

LILLI LEWIS has RADIOHEAD Creep, covered

Lilli Lewis Creep is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer

Lilli Lewis

by Walter Price

With added touches of ghostly piano and vocal dexterity to rival that of stadium-sized divas, New Orleans’ Lilli Lewis has gifted us two powerful versions of Radiohead’s seminal ’93 single, “Creep“. Both her extended version and a shorter one to boot, the magic is Lewis’ ability to reach much deeper, if you will, than that of Yorke & Co.

With that said, many artists have attempted to cover this song to varying degrees of success over the decades but very few have found a more profound and certainly indelible way to express it the way Lewis has. These covers are further proof that a well-written song will resonate with folks in a vast array of ways.

Lilli Lewis is a remarkable performer who lets her gifts flow with each of her releases. Always honest and ultimately magic. Stream both of her powerful covers of “Creep”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Artwork via Bandcamp

Written by Thom Yorke

Preformed by Lilli Lewis

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As the story goes, Lilli Lewis should never have been. Before she was born, Lewis’ mother was told her baby probably wouldn’t survive due to lung trouble, so the fact that Lewis now makes a living singing with those same lungs is a gift she never takes for granted. Lewis uses her voice to bring what she calls sacred songs into profane spaces, and though she’s abandoned trying to define her sound, she hopes her audiences leave shows knowing two things: that they are brilliant as they are, and that they have the ability to use that brilliance to make a better world.” – BIO

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