I Blink You Disappear
13. July 2023 By Walter Price 0

…it’s quiet now NILS BLOCH I Blink You Disappear

Nils Bloch, I Blink You Disappear is available on Apple Music, Spotify

I Blink You Disappear

by Walter Price

From his forthcoming debut album, Danish storyteller Nils Bloch has released a thickly layered single “I Blink You Disappear” that’s as picturesque as it is a hauntingly beautiful lament to moving on.

From Bloch’s website, the noir single’s originstory is explained as, “It is a quiet, reflective song about someone’s lingering presence and the damage we do to each other but also about acceptance and new beginnings. Set on a quiet street the protagonist sees memories flicker by – almost but never quite within reach.”

There’s a delicate realism in Bloch’s lyrics. As if he’s trying to release his truths in a subtle and compassionate way so as to not let the hurt and healing escape too quickly. A tender balance and the moments this song paints are indelible. You can stream it here, at the GTC.

NILS BLOCH I Blink You Disappear

Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Nils Bloch

Written and performed by Nils Bloch

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I Blink You Disappear” sees Bloch refining the sound from the EP resulting in a sparse arrangement, intimate vocal delivery, and lyrical precision.” – EPK

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