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19. July 2023 By Walter Price 0

…time goes by, CHARLOTTE CARPENTER Not Good Enough

Charlotte Carpenter Not Good Enough is available on A Modern Rage, Apple, Deezer

Not Good Enough

by Walter Price

It seems unreal that singer-songwriter and promoter of women in the arts, Charlotte Carpenter is on the verge of dropping her debut LP “A Modern Rage” [October 6, 2023]. Especially if consider her already stout catalog of singles over the past several years.

But here we are and Carpenter has released yet another depthful if not vulnerable single, “Not Good Enough”. Co-written/produced by Matt de Burgh Daly, this song contemplates on how giving too much to another can wear on one’s psyche. An evergreen dilemma for sure, but the way Carpenter softly conveys it, it’ll pull heavily on your heartstrings.

Two singles deep {be sure to check out Spinning Plates] ahead of her forthcoming album and all signs point to a modern indie classic from one of this generation’s most personal songwriters. You can stream “Not Good Enough”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo by @wetheconspirators // Credits via Bandcamp

Written by Charlotte Carpenter and Matt de Burgh Daly
Recorded at Rawson Street, Seamus Wong, and Superfly Studios
Produced by Matt de Burgh Daly
Engineered by Matt de Burgh Daly, Jamie Ward, and Andy Banfield
Mixed by Matt de Burgh Daly and Wayne Proctor
Mastered by Wayne Proctor

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