Spinning Plates
18. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…a way out, CHARLOTTE CARPENTER Spinning Plates

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Spinning Plates

by Walter Price

British singer-songwriter and champion for women in the arts and beyond, Charlotte Carpenter returns with a dynamite 90s-era alt-rocker “Spinning Plates”. Arguably her most ambitious rocknroll track to date, there’s a pointed message in the track’s melodic fervor. Maintaining direction while so many in power continue to force their animosity upon your soul is daunting. That old-school music industry power structure is in focus here, and Carpenter has no doubt experienced its nasty wrath over the years. But here she is, pointing a well-deserved finger at the outdated sexism that’s ruled the roost for far too long.

But success is the best revenge, as they say. And Carpenter certainly has that covered in this scathing turn-it-up single. But that’s not the full story. There’s also a brilliant music video to boot. the Fraser West-directed film is a tongue-in-cheek scenario of the all-too-familiar hurdles and humiliating situations women find themselves in while just trying to make it. Although there’s a hefty amount of humor sewn in, the cringiness certainly comes through loud and clear.

It’s no secret that everyone from Dolly Parton to Sharon Van Etten and Joan Jett to Lucy Dacus and so many in between have their tales of misogyny and ultimate perseverance in the entertainment biz and now, we must add Charlotte Carpenter to that ever-growing list of artists who just aren’t gonna take it, anymore.

Carpenter is a phenomenal songwriter, no argument. So, if you listen closely, you just may find a duality within this song’s lyrics…Hear for yourself, You can stream “Spinning Plates” and see its indelible film, here at the GTC.


Artist photo by @wetheconspirators // Lyrics and credits via Bandcamp

Written by Charlotte Carpenter
Produced by Matt de Burgh Daly
Mixed by Matt de Burgh Daly and Wayne Proctor
Mastered by Wayne Proctor
Recorded at Rawson Street, Seamus Wong and Superfly

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Tell me, is this too late?
Is that a ticking sound in my head?
Some stupid thing I might have said?
Take my worries, and put them back to bed.

I’m just trying to be a better sister, daughter, lover.
I’m just trying to deal with all this pressure that I’m under.

I can’t find a way out. I need to find a way out

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