Tracking Footsteps
15. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…lifted up my eyes, ADAR ALFANDARI Tracking Footsteps

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Tracking Footsteps

by Walter Price

Adar Alfandari, the old soul songwriter returns with his third single .”Tracking Footsteps” from his forthcoming 2nd album. His trademark silky folk-pop lyrics, a voice that soothes out all the ruff edges of longing for a place to belong, and a vibe that oozes love and respect for a journey being lived. With all the trials and tribulations along the way.

Over recent years, Alfandari sauntered onto the scene never disappointing with his willingness to let his emotions breathe their truths—and this timeless single certainly continues his quest to tell his stories as earnestly as possible. And therewithin lies all the beautiful magic. The future of modern folk/Americana-style storytelling is all his…

ADAR ALFANDARI Tracking Footsteps

Artist photo via Facebook // Album artwork and lyric via YouTube

Written and produced by Adar Alfandari
Mixed by John Savard
Assistant engineering and co-production by Austin Russiter
Engineering by Bob Spencer
Piano by Jack Pedder
Vocals and guitars by Adar Alfandari

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Can’t remember when was the last time I stared at the shiny night skies
Lifted up my eyes and focused on some lights that are not mine

Where should I go now?

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