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12. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

PREMIERE: LINDSAY WHITE ft. Anna Ballew Disappearing

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by Walter Price

Acclaimed San Diego singer-songwriter and humanitarian Lindsay White returns with a brand new R&B-soaked single “Disappearing”.

Featuring and co-written by Anna Ballew, White shared with the GTC, the song’s socially conscious origin story, “The way our society simultaneously reveres and disappears working-class mothers and default parents can feel like a very specific kind of gaslighting. But when I think about how that experience aligns with the under-resourcing of teachers, healthcare professionals, essential workers, veterans, and so many more so-called ‘heroes,’ it’s just one of many ways this country showcases its toxic trademarks of hypocrisy and exploitation.”

In collaborating with Ballew, who she met at the Writers Round San Diego, organized by Ben Grace Gilmore, White recalls, “Anna is an incredible talent whose vibe is contagious, and Ben is one of those people who shines in every possible role there is in a music scene. I’m so grateful for their contributions and friendship.”

White, is arguably best known for writing the introspective and picturesque tracks “Not a Boy“, “The Hound“, and “The Funeral“— She is also a champion of women, the disenfranchised as well as an advocate of mental health care. Which, many would find just as inspiring as her knack for crafting songs that speak volumes of truth.

Global Texan is honored to premiere the indelible new Salvatore Manalo-produced single, “Disappearing”.

LINDSAY WHITE ft. Anna Ballew Disapearing

Artist photo by Sydney Valiente// Quotes, lyrics, and artwork courtesy of Lindsay White

Music by Lindsay White
Lyrics by Lindsay White & Anna Ballew
Vox Recorded by Ben Grace Gilmore in San Diego, CA
Guitar, Production, Mix, Master by Salvatore Manalo in Portland, OR

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I knew as soon as I wrote the music to this song that someone else was going to have to play the guitar part. Sal did such a great job with that, we decided to keep on moving forward; he really brought the song to life.” – L. White

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