Keeley Seeing Everything
19. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…a journey in every sense, KEELEY Seeing Everything

Keeley Seeing Everything [Floating Above Everything Else, LP]is available on Dimple Discs, Apple Music, Deezer

Keeley Seeing Everything

by Walter Price

Irish post-punk aficionado Keeley (Moss) and her next-level band return with their first absolutely gorgeous, if not a tad bit haunting as well, single, “Seeing Everything”. From the outfit’s forthcoming LP “Floating Above Everything Else”, with this single finds Keeley and producer Alan Maguire creating a masterclass record that transcends time. A vocal delivery, unlike anything you’ve heard of late, and an arrangement that feels as if an early R.E.M. record got twisted up with an Ultravox deep cut and with a sprinkling of Lush on top. For old-school college radio fans, it’s simply flawless.

As for the full-length album, expected June 30th via Dimple Discs, Keeley, an avid true crime historian says, “This album is dedicated to the memory and short life of German teenager Inga Maria Hauser. It’s an album that’s a journey in every sense. More than any other album I know it metaphorically and literally documents actual journeys – life journeys, train journeys, ferry journeys, the journey of a long-standing murder investigation, and the journey my own life has gone on in relation to it over the past seven years”.

Keeley Moss is an intriguing artist with an inquisitive soul and it shows in all the avenues she travels. And “Seeing Everything” (video) is a brilliant reminder of why this new album is so highly anticipated. Many try to emulate the magic of the heyday of the New Romantic/Post-Punk eras, but truth be told, Keeley, her band, and her producer still respectfully and authentically live it today. Pure magic through and through.

From the cathartic opening guitar to the swelling conclusion, stream “Seeing Everything”, here at the GTC… blissoutdontmissout!

KEELEY Seeing Everything

Band photo, artwork and quotes courtesy of Dimple Discs

Floating Above Everything Else (full credits @ bandcamp]
All songs written by Keeley Moss, except ‘Arrive Alive’
and ‘Totally Entranced’ by Keeley Moss & Alan Maguire,
‘You Never Made It That Far’ by Keeley Moss & Ingmar Kiang, ‘Shine a Light’ by Jason Pierce

Produced and engineered by Alan Maguire
Mastering by Anthony Chapman
KEELEY MOSS – Guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals
ALAN MAGUIRE – Guitars, keyboards, programming
with special guests:
MORGAN FISHER – Organ, piano on ‘Totally Entranced’
INGA MARIA HAUSER – Guitar, vocals on ‘Both Sides Now”

 Website // Facebook // The Keeley Chronicles

As with all her songs, this set highlights Keeley’s ongoing fascination with the murder and short life of teenage German backpacker Inga Maria Hauser, who was brutally murdered in Northern Ireland in 1988 and whose case remains unsolved despite many promising leads pointing to the culprits. As an authority on the subject, Keeley recently appeared in “Murder In The Badlands“, a moving BBC documentary that further explores Inga Maria’s tragic demise, and a brand new film centered around Keeley’s involvement with the case is in development.” – press excerpt

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