Eric Silverman As My Country Drifted Away
19. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

..for you, ERIC SILVERMAN All In My Head

Eric Silverman All In My Head [Stay In It, LP] is available on Curation Records, SoundCloud, Apple Music

Eric Silverman

by Walter Price

Buckle up and get loose, you’re about to venture on a cosmic freakout journey powered by the mystical desert air and Adam Macdougall’s hypnotic synthesizer. The song is aptly titled “All In My Head” and it’s from Eric Sileverman’s trippy 1970s vibed LP, “Stay In It“.

Silverman, formerly of Heartwatch, and who certainly knows how to title, set some pretty basic rules when embarking on his latest masterclass album, “By the time we got to the desert, we established two rules—don’t get bit by a rattlesnake, and don’t use a computer until you have to.” The second rule is pretty interesting due to the fact that the single at hand takes me straight back to the era when the discussion of computers in the home, Star Wars, and albums by Giorgio Moroder, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and The Alan Parsons Project were all the rage. Also, maybe psychedelic enhancements may or may not have been involved during that time and space…Oh, the memories this track conjures up…

If you’re into otherworldly soundscapes and timeless hallucinatory journeys, then “All In My Head” is a brilliant place to get introduced to the phenomenal “Stay In It”. Experience it now at the GTC.


+ Stay In It, LP

Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Eric Silverman and Curation Records

Written and performed by Eric Silverman
Featuring Adam MacDougall on Synthesizer

Written by Eric Silverman
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Damien Lewis Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab
Recorded at Landers Lair
Artwork by Rachel Breeden
Performed by Eric Silverman & Damien Lewis
Adam MacDougall – Synthesizer/Organ (5, 9, 10)
Jeffery Sutton – Fiddle (4)
Hannah Hughes – Additional Vocals (3)

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It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to make the record in a proper recording studio, but he had just come into possession of a Tascam 388 console last owned by Jerry Garcia, so a different vibe was clearly necessary. The kind where if you want to rip a guitar solo at 3am with the windows open, you go for it, cowboy. A flurry of calls reverberated back and forth until Eric and his producer Damien Lewis (Kevin Parker, James Bay), crash-landed in the tiny high desert outpost of Landers, California…in August.” – bio

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