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18. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

NEWS: HEARTWATCH fka The Tropics

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foto by Molly DeCoudreaux

The Tropics bring the infectious garage-pop cool!’ – GTC
by Walter Price   San Francisco’s pop is art outfit The Tropics are now further tantilizing as HEARTWATCH (Claire George,Nate Skelton, Kern Sigala, Eric Silverman, Rowan Peter): Changing a band’s name when success and fandom have been building can be a tricky matter. No worries here, when a band that has keen eyes, soul and ears on the future of artistic expression in music and explore the visual side of things transition should be effortless and their progressive approach intact. Still no word on why they landed on HEARTWATCH, Stay tuned… Not familiar with HEARTWATCH’s sounds, check out HEARTWATCH’s stellar detail in these viseos and then check out their Breakup Records release Wind House.   The Tropics: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp