mammoth mammoth tour
19. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Prep European Rampage

Armed with only a stolen wheelie-bin full of Melbourne Bitter cans, a shopping bag full of water damaged pornos found near the railway line, and a shit-tonne of songs from their face-melting Mammoth Mammoth vol IVnew album, ‘Hammered Again’, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are skipping bail and blazing trail straight to Europe for another round of church-burning, skull-crushing, unicorn-thumping mayhem. So call your dealer, buy a Fleshlight and put your lawyer on speed dial, because you have been warned friends.


Australia’s MAMMATH MAMMOTH are set to take their righteously brutal drinks stained Rock N’ Roll and their recently released (and one of the best rock albums of 2015) Volume IV – Hammered Again (Napalm) out and about in Europe. Stomping through Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria starting off 8th July in Berlin and ending up in Franfurt 25th of the month. More dates possible, stay tuned…

In case you missed our track by track with the band, check it out HERE.


08.JULY.15 DE – Berlin
09.JULY.15 DE – Kiel
10.JULY.15 DE – Erfurt
11.JULY.15 DE – Düsseldorf
12.JULY.15 NL – Utrecht
14.JULY.15 DE – Würzburg
15.JULY.15 DE – München
16.JULY.15 CH – Olten
17.JULY.15 DE – Siegen
18.JULY.15 DE – Hamburg
20.JULY.15 DE – Bremen
22.JULY.15 DE – Gießen
23.JULY.15 DE – Dresden
24.JULY.15 AT – Wien
25.JULY.15 DE – Frankfurt

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