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…drinkin’ on a prayer, LUKAS NELSON + POTR Alcohallelujah

Lukas Nelson + POTR Alcohallelujah is available on Stick and Stones, Deezer, Tidal


by Walter Price

Taken from this year’s funkiest groove-heavy Americana album “Sticks and Stones”, intergalactic cowboys Lukas Nelson + POTR’s whiskey bent and hell bound single, “Alcohallelujah” is a good ole drinkin’ song but with a taste of be wary of what you pray for.

“Can I get an Alchohallelujah!/ I’m drinkin’ on a prayer,/ Prayin’ you ain’t lying when you say you care… Old friends miss me/ Baby won’t kiss me/ Day drinkin’ trying to float/ I can’t even drive the boat/ Baking in the sun/ Wishing I could run…”

As with the entire LP itself, there’s plenty of nostalgia built into “Alcohallelujah”. And for those of you (and myself, occasionally) who gripe about the old-school country vs. new-school beat-heavy fair, Luke Nelson and Co. seem to have an exclamation mark on it all. Their blended styles and some of the top songwriting to be found between Laurel Canyon Tulsa, and Abbott, TX…This outfit and their latest release are what music history is made of.

You can stream the single as well as experience its cautionary and peppered with plenty of tongue-in-cheek music video, here at the GTC.

LUKAS NELSON + POTR Alcohallelujah

Band photo via Facebook // Bio quite and album artwork courtesy of Sacks & Co

Lukas Nelson
Anthony LoGerfo
Tato Melgar
Corey McCormick
Logan Metz

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β€œThis album is about celebrating the human connection, joy, and excitement. We went from quiet and introspective on A Few Stars Apart to something big and fun to really showcase the band’s talent and performance. You can listen to the album Sticks and Stones from start to finish and get the songs to dance to and then the quiet, poignant songs. To me, this album is the perfect setlist.” – Luka Nelson

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