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…not even a maybe WILD FIRE Just Friends

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Wild Fire Just Friends

by Walter Price

With its polished rhythm, sing-a-long verses, and an important message for youthful folks all around, Texas sister duo Wild Fire’s “Just Friends” will resonate with not only the TikTok generation but anyone who’s felt the pressure to exit out of the friend zone under duress.

Of course, I’m a huge fan of the more organic, edgier sides of songwriting and production, but I’m equally a huge fan of the coming-of-age and rom-com films of John Hughes, Nora Ephron, and even a few from Gil Junger. “Just Friends” could have easily formed a storyline or soundtracked a pivotal scene from such flicks…And I hear no ´reason why Wild Fire’s brand of catchy pop-country tunes couldn’t populate productions from here on out.

We’ve all felt the nagging pressure to cross the line romantically or whatnot, “Just Friends” is here to let ya know it’s okay to say whoa, let’s slow it down a bit. You can stream the insightful and empowering anthem, here at the GTC.

WILD FIRE Just Friends

Artwork via YouTube // Artists photo via Facebook // Bio quote via wildfiresings.com

Song performed by Wild Fire (Kelli and Kayla Lutzwig)

No other production credits were readily available.

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“…they[Wild Fire] are conveying their stories through music in ways that inspire audiences their age and beyond. Singly and in harmony, they channel the optimism of youth, sprinkle in the spice of early insight into life’s lessons, super-charge it with (a) jolt of pop rock and the sass of country.” – artist bio

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