Jackie Venson review
16. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…makes me feel this way, JACKIE VENSON Keep On #evolution

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Jackie Venson

by Walter Price

Reminiscent of your favorite feel-good tracks from Rufus & Chaka Khan, Katrina And The Waves, or The Emotions comes a new(ish) song that’ll induce impromptu smiles and socked feet bops around your living room. Jackie Venson’s redux of her 2019 song “Keep On” is a silky and funky soul-laced beauty that’s full of hope and love or perhaps hoping for love, if you will.

“Keep On” is just the start of the endless thrills of the LP, “Evolution of Joy”. An entire album that’s full of killer rethinks (and some new treats as well) of her phenomenal breakout album “Joy” (2019). A set best described on Venson’s Bandcamp page, “Though the songs may be familiar to some long-time fans, the presentation, growth, and 5-year development of Jackie and her band will leave you floating in the cosmos. These songs have never been captured this way, unless you’ve been lucky enough to catch a live show in the last couple years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hi-fi, ethereal, and intensely groovy Evolution of Joy.”

As you may already know, Jackie Venson is a renowned guitar hero, indelible storyteller, and purveyor of good vibes and her revamped LP and this song are a masterclass in grooves. You can get started on the album by streaming “Keep On”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quote via Bandcamp


Produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith, Eddy Hobizal, Nick Clark, and Jackie Venson

Recorded by Chris “Frenchie” Smith, Brendon Sanders, Brett “Mudslide” Marcom at The Bubble Austin, Texas

Music & Lyrics by Jackie Venson
Vocals & Guitar by Jackie Venson
Keys & Piano by Jackie Venson
Bass by Marcus Clark
Drums by Rodney Hyder
Additional Organ by Eddy Hobizal
Segues by jackie the robot

Mixed and mastered by Eddy Hobizal
Premixed by Chris “Frenchie” Smith
Album art by Dawn Okoro

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Now we’re here there is no turning back, no
If it’s real love me and make it last, oh yeah

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