Mauve Oh My God
20. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…murder me, metaphorically MAUVE Oh My God!

Mauve Oh My God! is available on Bandcamp, Realy Rad Records

Mauve Oh My God

by Walter Price

While latter incarnations of Emo or punk or whatever can be formulaic at best, sometimes what differentiates a track from the rest is lyrics and vibe. And the recent single, “Oh My God!” from Portland outfit Mauve has plenty of both coming-of-age gloom and tasty atmospheric riffs that could soundtrack many downtrodden moods.

Mauve, as described by their label Really Rad Records, “If you were to look at a map, Portland, Oregon, looks pretty far away from the Midwest, but you wouldn’t know that listening to Mauve. Portland’s resident fifth-wave emo rockers formed during the pandemic and emerged from the other side with a rock-solid collection of songs in the vein of bands like Riley, Origami Angel, and Remo Drive.”

Nothing else is really available about the band—no proper socials, photos, or interesting tidbits to dig into. So, I guess their music speaks for itself. You can stream “Oh My God!”, here at the GTC.

MAUVE Oh My God!

Artist photo and credits via Bandcamp // Quotes via Really Rad Records

All Songs Written & Performed by Mauve

Produced and Mixed by Noah J. Penwell
Mastered by Sean Gillies

Recorded at dB Nation Studios

Artwork by Samantha Caldera

Mauve is:
Olive Murray – Guitar/Vox
Noah Mandac – Bass
Matty Rojas – Drums

spotify // instagram

Saccharine croons, cathartic group chants, and the occasional growl articulate late-teenage turmoil, transporting the listener to an alternate reality where Pacific Northwest Emo became a legitimate scene rivaling the Midwest. With any luck, there’s still time for that to happen, and when it does, Mauve will be at the forefront.” – bio

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