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…we made it this far, veiles – You & Me (single/video)

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by Walter Price

In a sea of all too familiar and sometimes out-of-the-box creative bedroom-pop comes a fresh new single, “You & Me”, from newcomer veiles (Esther Møller Fogh). And straight out the gate, this songwriter smashes the pop scene with a fiercely timeless track. Its undeniably powerful vocals pull you into the storyline proclaiming that “…true love does exist.”

This song feels vast but maintains an indelible air of intimacy, the kind of balance which is quite an accomplishment for a debut. So kudos to both veiles and co-producers Nature Boy and Vera. You expect this size of a song from mainstays like Kelly Clarkson, Lana Del Rey or perhaps Mitski, so it’s refreshing that an upstart immediately draws you into her introduction song’s emotional and picturesque journey. It’s certainly a beautiful place to start for this Danish performer.

Speaking of picturesque and to add to the charm of “You & Me”, it comes with a gorgeously shot and a tad bit harrowing music video. Directed by Kaos Film, follow or heroine as she reminisces a burgeoning romance, but is it just a faded memory? You’ll have to watch to find the answer.

You stream “You & Me” as well as witness its film, now at the GTC.

veiles You & Me

Artist photo by Phie Beckett Stenbæk

Shot and directed by Kaos Film
Starring Nature Boy and veiles

Written by Esther Møller Fogh & Mads Koch
Produced by Nature Boy, Vera & Esther Møller Fogh

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I often feel like the main character in a film, running head over heels through the airport to stop the plane and declare my love to that one special person on board. Out of breath, I reach the gate. It’s closed, the plane is off, I’m too late. That’s life and love – it happens right in front of you and when you least expect it. So, I wrote ‘You & Me’ as a reminder that true love does exist.” – veiles

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