Mark Remmington
2. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW! MARK REMMINGTON Let’s Forget We’re Animals

Mark Remmington Let’s Forget We’re Animals is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Mark Remmington
Mark Remmington

by Walter Price

With raw vocals, deep-rooted lyrics, and its spacey late-nite vibe, the brand new Mark Remmington single, “Let’s Forget We’re Animals” is a folksy psych-pop trip. But at its core, it’s a look at how we’re using our privilege, social rankings, and tech to create divides rather than community. Pretty heavy for a pop song, but, it does speak to zeitgeist truths. Just pop open any social media platform and scroll for a brief moment…Oh how quickly the claws come out.

“This song is about the tools we use to effectively divide ourselves into little packs. Whether it’s through identifying with certain political groups, religion, what we eat and, of course, the music we listen to. It’s our greatest strength. It’s how we find our people. How we find love. It’s also our greatest flaw. It’s the tools we use to hate those we see as different,” the Downham Market songwriter explains. And truer words haven’t been uttered. Remmington, in a Facebook post, adds to his pointed reality-check, “No one wants to admit we’re just really smart monkeys, let’s all just forget we’re animals. How about that…”

You can stream “Let’s Forget We’re Animals” and see its music video, here at the GTC.

MARK REMMINGTON Let’s Forget We’re Animals

Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Big Shroom Boom Records

Song written and produced by Mark Remmington
Synth Bass provided by Stephen Ryan; Stevo The Bass.
Autotune vocal solo by Emelda Remmington
All other parts performed by Mark Remmington

Mark Remmington

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Let’s start a Religion
Let’s have our own war
Let’s create division
While we forget
Forget we’re Animals

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