Rosanne Baker Thornley
3. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

…goes by so fast, ROSANNE BAKER THORNLEY In Paris

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Rosanne Baker Thornley

by Walter Price

I’ve said this on many an occasion, but I truly love a great story song. Like the ones Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, Harry Chapin, and Suzanne Vega used to drop on us. In the grand tradition of those hallowed names, singer-songwriter Rosanne Baker Thornley has released a powerfully delicate single, “In Paris”, that not only tells a picturesque story but stands as a tribute to the city she fell in love with and an everlasting gift for her daughter as well.

“In Paris” is a celebration of those places and experiences that leave indelible marks, as Thornley shares, “I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Paris; I love its ambiance, texture and great energy. As a teenager, I studied French in this fabulous city and would return to Paris many times. In particular, a trip with my daughter just before her wedding to search for her wedding dress. I was extremely moved and grateful that 16-year-old me who had fallen in love with these Parisienne streets, had the good fortune to be there in Paris with her.”

It’s a beautiful sentiment throughout. Soft heartfelt vocals cradled by the song’s whispery barebone arrangement let the emotional journey unfold in tactile realism. Kind of like you’re there for the glasses of vin de café, street portraits, and those bittersweet kisses goodbye…just lovely. What a gift.


Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Written / Performed by Rosanne Baker Thornley
Produced / Arranged by Will Schollar
Mixed by Ben Pelchat
Recorded at Kensington Sound, Toronto, Canada
Mastered by Andy Krehm, Silverbirch Studios, Toronto, Canada

Rosanne Baker Thornley

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“And so, as we had done on our visits before, we headed up to Montmartre for dinner, deciding to have an artist in the square capture her on paper. In that moment of watching her getting her drawing done, it dawned on me that this time, this trip was the closing of a chapter and the beginning of another for us. I realized that life is forever in motion and that it’s important to savour the journey. I remember thinking, just take this in, because it all goes by so fast. Don’t pine for the past when you’re undoubtedly standing at the edge of the future. “In Paris” is truly the narrative of experiencing the past, the present, and the future all in one moment.” – Rosanne Baker Thornley

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