Safeword Food for Something Else
4. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

…forever young, SAFEWORD Food for Something Else

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Safeword Food for Something Else

by Walter Price

Mortality can be a very daunting reality. Add the premature passing of someone near and dear to the mix and a mind could lose itself. The recent rock ballad, “Food for Something Else”, from Nova Scotia indie outfit Safeword is a vast lament on aging confidently and coming to terms with the realization that we don’t truly control our end dates. For fast comparison, it’s a track that feels like Courtney Barnett at the crossroads of “Landslide” and “November Rain“.

The inspiration behind the intimate lyrics, staggering arrangement, and that blazing guitar work was shared with the GTC by Safeword’s vocalist Karen Foster, “I was in a funk about getting older when I started writing “Food For Something Else,” realizing that people born after 2000 are full grown adults. I wanted to snap myself out of it by reminding myself that some people don’t get to grow old.”

Here comes the shoulder; van’s flipping over
Now you don’t get to get any older
Twenty-one, forever young
I believed those breaths pumping through your lungs
Sometimes things happen out of order

I – how hard I used to try!
I am almost halfway back to you
And I don’t care like I used to

In an era when everything is increasingly topsy-turvy and the future feels more uncertain than ever before, “Food for Something Else” is as beautifully poignant as it is hauntingly contemplative. A song poised to soundtrack anyone’s coming of age.

…forever young, SAFEWORD Food for Something Else

Artist photo and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Recorded at Oceanfloor with Charles Austin
Mixed at Fang with Joel Plaskett and Thomas Stajcer
Mastered by Alex Burris

Safeword Food for Something Else

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But most of the track is just me wrestling with how not to waste my life trying to stay youthful. The rest of the band stepped up and made a sad song into something that rocks.” – K. Foster

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