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16. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW! SUBTERFUGE Why Do I Always Fail To Win

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Why Do I Always Fail To Win
Why Do I Always Fail To Win

by Walter Price

As a final prelude before their eagerly awaited fifth LP, ‘Dots.’ hits the streets (March 4), Düsseldorf’s Subterfuge drops another nostalgia-heavy single, “Why Do I Always Fail To Win”. And this one has its DNA rooted back a bit further in the Rock n Roll timeline than recent releases. Not to mention, some pretty tantalizing pop culture references that may baffle newer generations, but that’s part of the allure here. Not only do you get yourself a song with the sort of psych-swing that The Beatles and their contemporaries liked to dabble in, but you also get to go on a deep dive into eras past as well.

As the band explains it, “A Stan Laurel type of story with a great deal of Sixties references that could come from the likes of Ray Davies and Harry Nilsson.” Stan Laurel, Davies, Nilsson, and touches of doo-wop? Yeah, this single has it all. And it’s all wrapped up into one catchy finger-snapping bop that’ll have any fan of timeless pop anchored in smartly conceived lyrics humming along in no time.

And if you’re a fan of Easter egg-heavy music videos, don’t forget to check out the accompanying clip. Sewn together historical footage, playful studio scenes, and pointed messaging spelled out before your eyes… these DIY edited visuals are well worth a few views.

You can stream “Why Do I Always Fail To Win”, now at the GTC.

SUBTERFUGE Why Do I Always Fail To Win

Band photo by Anika Potzler

Daniel Klingen
Kai Blankenberg
Lars Schmidt
Lorenz Naumann
Thomas Baumhoff
Tom Blankenberg

subterfuge the good good why do i always fail to win

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Formed in 1991 SUBTERFUGE are one of a handful German first generation Indiepop groups that are still around. Between 1993 and 2005 the band recorded four studio albums. Other priorities in life and solo projects came into the way of any joint activities, while time passed and Daniel, Kai, Lars, Lorenz, Tom, and Tommy stayed closest friends. Around 2 years ago the group came back together in their original line up to work on new material..” – bio

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