Guyville Should Have Never Dated
17. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

…sittin’ friendless, GUYVILLE Should Have Never Dated

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Guyville Should Have Never Dated

by Walter Price

Billed as an ‘anti-valentine’ anthem, the recent single “Should Have Never Dated” from LA indie-rock duo Guyville has a much longer sale-by-date than just the saccharine commercially lauded day. Its tale is as relatable and timeless as they come. Human meets human, a friendship sparks up, fleeting moments of uncontrollable urges take over and the ill-fated dating and/or s-e-x kinda ruin it all. And then the unavoidable happens, someone is going to be left sitting on the bathroom floor feeling like shit. Ooops.

While the single’s storyline is undeniable, the real stars of this track are the less-is-more production and the sparks on catchy and raw harmonies. Both elements let this song breathe its truths. It’s absolutely tactile and harkens back to the days when Lilith Fair was a must-do and FM radio was chockfull with inedible songs from the likes of Shawn Colvin, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, and of course, (this burgeoning duo’s namesake) Liz Phair.

So, hey! You don’t need Valentine’s Day to sit alone feeling at a loss because a friendship went too far and screwed everything up. Nah, Guyville and their folk-flavored alt-rock stunner, “Should Have Never Dated”, is here to soundtrack each and every time it happens going forward. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself… “Should have never date/never would’ve hated everything about you/could’ve kept the friendship/now I’m sitting friendless, crying in the bathroom…”

You can stream “Should Have Never Dated” as well as see the music video for their debut country-pop single, “Nothing”, here at the GTC.

GUYVILLE Should Have Never Dated

+ Nothing

Band photo by @shabferdowsi // Quote courtesy of Mora May PR

Nothing Credits:
Emily Hulslander-Writer/Artist
Kat Hamilton-Writer/Artist
Taylor Robinson-Drums
Mitchell Haeuszer-Engineer/Production
Evan Blum-Videographer/Editing
All instruments (except drums) played by Kat Hamilton, Emily Hulslander, Mitchell Haeuszer

Guyville Should Have Never Dated

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We had both had bad experiences of dating music collaborators and bandmates. We both talked about how we wished we had kept those relationships platonic. This camaraderie is really the basis of our musical partnership. It was really fun for me to bring my queer experience to the track. It was a cool way to highlight the ways Emily and I had similar problems in mixing work with pleasure, regardless of the gender of our lovers.” – Kat Hamilton

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