Hurrah A Bolt of Light
18. February 2022 By Walter Price 0


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Hurrah A Bolt of Light

by Walter Price

In my last review of Hurrah A Bolt of Light, I fairly called what I was hearing someplace at the crossroads of “The Hives, Modest Mouse, and a psychedelic gospel rock opera,”…and, I was absolutely correct, but after a few more months of listening, digging deeper I’ve found the right before my ears and eyes connective tissue to not only the blue-eyed soul of Michael McDonald but even more so to the infamous masterpiece, ‘Bat Out of Hell‘ (Meat Loaf, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman/ 1977).

I know that sounds like too much ground to cover in one EP. But the mind behind this project, Wil Farr, isn’t your standard basement-dwelling indie rocker. No, he seems hellbent on telling a story with all the elements, twists, and sounds that texturize his vision. Regardless of what conventional rock n roll says he’s allowed to do.

Let me also share with you the recent full-length, four-chapter film or ‘visual album’ as the creator would have it referred to. Shocking, haunting, bloodied, faith, and redemption(?) all make for an experience well worth checking out. Kudos to director Ian McCabe for being able to capture, on a budget, such provocative imagery. The entire visual experience and its soundtrack are certainly compelling and there’s absolutely no reason why this entire project couldn’t be turned into a feature film project.

You can stream the full ‘An/Animal’ EP as well as witness the entire visual album, now at the GTC.


Photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Written/composed by Wil Farr

Written by Wil Farr
Directed by Ian McCabe
Produced by BobbiAnn Zaccarelli
DOP: Chris Keenan
Second Camera: Chris Moore
Third Camera: Mike Shade
Set Design: Rob Cleaveland
Makeup Artist: Samantha Jane Gurewitz
Edited by Wil Farr

(cast and special thanks)

Hurrah A Bolt of Light

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I’m interested in evoking feelings with my music. Young-adult science fiction had a profound effect on me. The stories weren’t always very clear, but they brought forth strong emotions. That approach really influenced me.” – Wil Farr

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