Hurrah A Bolt of Light
17. November 2021 By Walter Price 0


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Hurrah A Bolt of Light

by Walter Price

How vast can one song be? How many layers, genres and vibes can one songcrafter jam into one 4 1/2 minute track? Well, it’s good that you asked. Songwriter/multi-instrumented Wil Farr’s alter-ego, Hurrah A Bolt of Light, has dropped one of the wildest and broad-ranging singles that this discombobulated year has heard. “An/ Animal 3” is the song and buckle-up buckaroos and buckarettes, this one is fierce.

This track isn’t particularly easy to file under any sort of label, but for the sake of this review, let’s say that this one is someplace between The Hives, Modest Mouse, and a psychedelic gospel rock opera. Really? Yeah, well, as I said, this song isn’t your typical indie-rock offering. And to add more intrigue, this single is just one chapter in what is to be a 4 part yet singular ‘visual album’ release called ‘AN/ANIMAL’ that its press sheet describes as, “…an ambitious artistic offering that pairs a 16-minute piece of music to be released in four movements with a stunning long-form video. AN/ANIMAL is an immersive experience brimming with haunting visuals, abstract and emotionally evocative lyrics, and a mesmerizing swampy sensibility.”

As if your interest hasn’t been piqued already, this single has a music video that has the feel of a psychological thriller. Directed by Ian McCabe and written by Farr himself, this film is a visual look at the twists and inner turmoils of faith and to what tortuous limits one will go to appease their inner demons. It’s a bloody anxiety-filled film that’ll have fans of Dexter, American Psycho, and Se7en screaming, for more? Only the sturdiest of souls, I suspect…

‘AN/ ANIMAL’ is expected January 2022, but until then, you can stream ‘”An/ Animal 3″ and see its nail-biting short film, now at the GTC.


Photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Written/composed by Wil Farr

Written by Wil Farr
Directed by Ian McCabe
Produced by BobbiAnn Zaccarelli
DOP: Chris Keenan
Second Camera: Chris Moore
Third Camera: Mike Shade
Set Design: Rob Cleaveland
Makeup Artist: Samantha Jane Gurewitz
Edited by Wil Farr


Hurrah A Bolt of Light

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I’m interested in evoking feelings with my music. Young-adult science fiction had a profound effect on me. The stories weren’t always very clear, but they brought forth strong emotions. That approach really influenced me.” – Wil Farr

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